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What To Expect

What Will My Repipe Look Like?

We take care of Plumbing, Drywall, Tile, & Paint Repairs.

Work Areas: During/After Workdays

Work Areas During Work Days
Work Areas After Work Days


We kick off each repipe by putting up what we call “Containment” – in other words, work area protection. Furniture and other valuables are protected from consequential dust using a dust mitigation system.


Our team creates drywall and tile access areas where needed. Refer to your In-Unit Work Map and see the red highlighted zones. It is likely drywall or tile access areas will be in these areas. If additional areas need to be added, you will be informed, and we will add protection and dust mitigation to those areas.


Your new water system is installed. Most of this system will be installed while the old water system remains intact, and your water will be swapped to the new piping when final connections are being made. This minimizes water-shutoff time for residents. All residents will be notified appropriately when water will be shutoff.


The new plumbing system will be inspected by the city and other necessary departments to ensure the system meets or exceeds the code set by the building department. Once approved, we will proceed to the next step.


Drywall and tile repairs will begin as soon as possible upon approval from the corresponding building department. We will match the previous drywall texture and grout color.


We use computer matched paint for our repairs. This provides us with the closest match possible so that the previously opened area of the drywall looks original.


A management team representative will join one of our project mangers for a final walk through. If anything needs to be addressed, it will be taken care of promptly or when otherwise scheduled.


Our protective materials are cleaned up, and we leave you with a new, state-of-the-art water piping system.