Dulany Replumb Project Page

Dear Dulany Condominium Owners and Management – Welcome to your Replumb Project Interactive Page. You will find the project schedule and information on the process for each phase, as well as a contact tool to send us a message.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: The Replumb schedule is a fluid process and will change frequently. You will be notified via the email address provided to us at the onset of the project. WARNING: If you choose to opt out, you will not receive schedule or other updates as we implement the project


NOTE: Unit 503’s plumbing is and will be tied into 2 different main lines, from 2 different unit stacks. The loft will be plumbed with the ’04’ stack, and the rest of the unit will be plumbed with its own stack, the ’03’ stack.

What To Expect

Protecting the areas we work in is important to us. We call this process our ‘containment process.’ This process protects resident’s belongings, and makes for an easy clean up day to day and when the project is completed.

There will be drywall penetrations in most units, and the amount of penetrations will vary from unit to unit. These holes are where the new system will run through. Not to worry – we’ll repair the hole after inspection from the city/building department.

A general idea of what our plumbing processes look like. Our drywall penetrations are strategically placed so we can run full systems, with the smallest possible footprint in your living area. We use braided steel supply lines to all kitchens and toilets.

Here, we show our drywall repair process. We take care of all tile repairs, and paint as well! At the end of the video, you can see our finished product from the same wall the previous videos show – so you can see our process through!