Hydronic/Radiant Heat Systems

Staple Up Heat Replacement

Including All Permits, Replumbing, Drywall, Texture, & Paint Repairs.

We find failing Polybutylene, Kitec and even Pitting Copper Piping needing replacement in hydronic heating systems.

Polybutylene was used extensively as a hydronic heat piping, despite the fact that it lacks an oxygen barrier. When Oxygen in a hydronic heating system will create corrosion on the metallic components and cause premature failure in plastic components. Increased iron oxide (rust) build up causes a variety of problems in the system and dramatically reduces its lifespan.

The manufacturer of Polybutylene knew this, which is why Polybutylene was never meant to be used as, nor marketed for hydronic heating use. In fact, the District Court agreed and Polybutylene hydronic heat piping systems were NOT covered under the Cox V Shell class action lawsuit that ran its course in 2009.

Corroded Hydronic Heat Manifold
Before: Polybutylene Hydronic Heat System
After: New Hydronic HePEX System

Kitec was and still is used in hydronic heating systems under different branding. The hydronic PEX-al-PEX tubing may look shiny and orange yet be stamped with a different name.

Kitec was used in the early 2000’s for both potable piping and hydronic heat piping installed as baseboard register heating, in floor radiant heating and staple up in floor radiant heating. The trade term for Kitec is PEX-al-PEX, which indicates a 3 layer pipe, the outer and inner layers are made of thin PEX, with a layer of aluminum sandwiched in between. Kitec is still in production today under different names / labels and is still used in some hydronic heating and potable applications. potable Kitec is typically red, blue, or orange. Hydronic Kitec is typically orange only.

Before: Kitec Hydronic Heat System
After: New Hydronic HePEX System
In Floor Heat: Slab Demo
In Floor Heat: Pre Slab
In Floor Heat: Post Slab

Buying A House With Recalled or Faulty Heat Piping?

We recommend negotiating the heat line replacement with the seller during the home inspection. This mitigates risk of water damage and increases the value of the home. Your real estate agent should be able to walk you through the necessary steps.

How We Can Help You Replace Your Hydronic/Radiant Heat System?

The Team at Replumb Specialties Inc. has replaced Polybutylene, Kitec, Copper, Galvanized, Entran, and other failing plumbing systems across the United States Since 1992. We are the original pipe replacement contractor for the Polybutylene Class Action Settlement. We’ve successfully replaced systems in 20,000+ residencies.

RSI has completed over 2000+ heat line replumbs. We take pride in the fact we complete these intense jobs with apt timing, within customer budget, and leave little to no indication we performed major surgery on the dwelling, regardless of the finish work involved.


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