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We’ve served Colorado and Utah as polybutylene replacement specialists since 1992 – and we help thousands of property owners replace polybutylene pipes every year. Polybutylene was popular in construction between 1978 and 1996. In 1995, the Cox vs Shell Class action polybutylene lawsuit was settled – with over $1 Billion committed from Shell Oil Company.

We are the original replacement contractor for the Polybutylene Class Action Lawsuit. We developed the ‘containment process’ and largely influenced the industry on what type of piping was used for replacement.

Tell Me About Polybutylene?

A typical Polybutylene system is found in homes, hotels, multi-family housing, and mobile homes built between 1978 and 1996. Polybutylene was an inexpensive alternative to copper – it was easier to install and one-third the cost of copper piping and PEX. Builders and plumbers welcomed the pipe as efforts to maintain profits in a slumping economy increased in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Approximately 7 million installations of  Polybutylene pipe occurred all across the United States. Installations include interior potable distribution, and hydronic heating.

Over a period of time Polybutylene is alleged to fail and cause damage to the home and or property. The pipe is extremely susceptible to degradation from chlorinated water. It shrinks and become brittle, and the crimp ring loses calibration over the pipe and the fitting. Because Polybutylene corrodes from the inside out, failures occur without warning and often go undetected for some time. Several lawsuits were filed throughout the 1980’s and a Class Action was funded by the manufacturers (COX V SHELL). Below are original pictures from the class action suit.

Do I Have Polybutylene Piping?

Conduct an inspection of your home to see if your property has Polybutylene piping. The first thing to look for is dull gray (or in rare cases black) piping near the water heater area, running to the fixtures (toilets, sinks, etc.) in the home. You will also find acetel (grey plastic) or copper fittings, with aluminum or copper crimp rings.

There were 3 generations of Polybutylene connections, each redesigned to eliminate the recurring problems after installation.

Type 1:

Aluminum Crimp Rings, Acetal Plastic Fittings

Type 2:

Copper Crimp Rings, Acetal Plastic Fittings

Type 3:

Copper Crimp Rings, Copper Fittings

Don’t be fooled by copper “stub outs” which may appear under sinks and toilets, quite often they have been transitioned to Polybutylene via crimp behind the wall.


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Are you considering purchasing a home with polybutylene piping? Water leaks often occur at the most inconvenient times. Because of that, we recommend negotiating the polybutylene replacement with the seller during the home inspection. Your realtor should be able to guide you through this.

Please contact us if you have any questions, would like an onsite inspection, or formal quote. You can also click here for an INSTANT ONLINE QUOTE!


The cost to replace polybutylene pipes varies from property to property. To determine the cost of polybutylene pipe replacement, several factors are considered. First, we look at the type of home: single family, multi-family, condo, etc. Is the building single level, multi-story, or split-level? Is there a crawlspace? Is there a basement? Is the basement finished or unfinished? Square footage? Last, we look at the number of fixtures to be replaced and the type of pipe used as replacement. As you can see, the cost to replace polybutylene is not a one price fits all kind of thing. However, getting an estimate is simple with our online repipe cost calculator.

Our online repipe cost calculator gives you a free price quote instantly. It will ask you a series of simple questions as described above. Once you’ve answered the questions it will produce and initial quote to replace the polybutylene in your building of inquiry. No need to make an appointment or wait for a site visit. Our price quote includes a ‘Turnkey’ professional replumb including all drywall, texture, paint, and tile repairs. Using our online cost calculator to generate a quote to replumb your building of inquiry is simple, and takes only a few minutes.



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The Team @ Replumb Specialties Inc. has replaced Polybutylene, Kitec, Copper, Galvanized, Entran, and other failing plumbing systems across the United States Since 1992. We are the original pipe replacement contractor for the Polybutylene Class Action Settlement. We’ve successfully replaced systems in 16,000+ homes and commercial buildings. We also developed and perfected the ‘containment’ process copied by most replumb contractors today.

Our containment process includes masking and protecting all work areas. Furniture, appliances, and all client belongings are protected during our process. All penetrations in drywall and tile are professionally repaired and painted to match.

We are licensed and insured, and pride ourselves on being punctual and professional. Our crews have been working together for 30+ years. Realtors and home inspectors regularly refer us, and account for about 70% of our business.