RSI will replace or bypass the existing interior plumbing / heat system of the unit(s) specified in the Replumb Proposal with Copper or Wirsbo aqua PEX / proPEX / hePEX. The new system will be installed according to manufacturer’s recommended procedures and in compliance with state and local plumbing and building codes.

Interior Plumbing System means all components of the interior potable Plumbing System comprised of Polybutylene, Galvanized, heat line …etc., beginning at the Transition Point. The Transition Point is the point where the 3/4” or smaller pipe with fittings branches off from 1) the main distribution lines or 2) the yard service line at a valve or manifold located at or near the inside perimeter of the foundation. A main distribution line is a line that feeds more than one unit.

Contractor will restore access damage caused by the replumb, as nearly practical, to its pre-replumb condition. Contractor will manage conduct of the work with assistance of owner or property manager. All repairs will be done consistent with prior applications and methods, any prior leak damage is NOT included as part of this repair / replumb.


If it becomes necessary to remove or cut drywall, such drywall will be re-installed, taped and textured, and then painted. RSI does not repaint acoustic ceilings. Only areas penetrated by RSI shall be repainted. A best match shall be acquired by RSI for painting such areas, please be informed that due to paint age, conditions…etc. the new paint does not always make a perfect match. The drywall and painting repairs may be performed by the contractor’s crew or he may arrange for a separate contractor for this portion the work (very rare). In either case , the Contractor will be able to provide any additional details needed by the homeowner, or homeowner’s tenant regarding scheduling and will be responsible to the finalization of this portion of the Work.


If panel or fixtures such as cabinets, built-in vents, fans, lighting, toilets, etc., need to be removed in order to reach the pipes, they will be re-installed and caulked and/or touched up as needed.


If it becomes necessary to remove ceramic tile to get to tub/shower valves, Contractor will cut out tiles to gain access, then install backing as necessary and re-glue the drywall and tile back in one piece. RSI will not be responsible for loose ceramic tile in the shower and tub areas as a result of wet drywall behind the ceramic tile caused by homeowner or homeowner’s tenant neglect of their maintenance responsibility to keep their ceramic tile properly grouted and caulked to prevent loose tile.


Every reasonable effort will be made to avoid cutting into wallpaper, including re-routing plumbing if possible. In the event that the wallpaper must be cut into, drywall penetration will be repaired and made ready for new wallpaper. Owner is responsible for wallpaper replacement.


(Manufactured Housing Only) New Plumbing lines will be installed above the insulation and moisture (vapor) barrier. It is to be understood that the ONLY insulation and vapor barrier to be repaired or replaced is that which has been penetrated by RSI, not by previous leaks and access damage created by animal habitation, leaking roofs or windows, AC duct condensation, leaking drain pipes, or other neglect.


If it is necessary to cut into a fiberglass tub or shower enclosure, the Contractor shall provide the appropriate cover plate to cover the opening if the opening is at a plumbing fixture.


  • Contractor shall work with property manager / owner regarding scheduling of the Work, reporting progress and obtaining approval for each unit upon completion of Work.
  • Contractor shall provide the following information to each occupant of a multi unit; documentation detailing the Work to be performed in their unit, completion schedule, and documentation detailing areas that will need to be cleared of personal belongings to provide access to the affected area.
  • Contractor will have unlimited access to all necessary units on the schedule, work between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Water service shall be restored by 6:00 p.m. of the day during which the Work is effected for the water heater, kitchen sink, and dishwasher, one bathing unit and one toilet minimum. Alternative hours must have full approval of Property Owner.
  • Contractor shall cover all furniture, flooring, and personal property against dust and other anticipated debris. Contractor shall take necessary measures to safeguard and protect personal property of the occupants from damage or loss during Work.
  • Contractor shall supervise and direct the Work efficiently and will be solely responsible for the means, methods, techniques, sequences, and procedures of the Work. The Contractor will furnish all materials, equipment, labor transportation, construction equipment and machinery, tools , fuel, sanitary facilities, and all other facilities and incidentals necessary for the performance of the Work. All materials and equipment will be new, and shall be applied, installed, connected, erected, used and conditioned in accordance with all applicable laws, ordinance, rules, regulations and orders of any public body having jurisdiction over the Property and Work.


If a leak occurs in the interior plumbing System before the replumb commences, property manager or owner must immediately have the leak repaired.

  • Homeowner or homeowners tenant should secure all valuables, remove fragile or breakable items and move draperies or other property and personal belongings that cannot be adequately covered in effected rooms prior to repairs.
  • Homeowner or homeowners tenant shall be responsible for confining pets or removing them from the site while work is underway.