• Depending on which system the property owner chooses; Uponor provides a 10 year material warranty (on standard system, piping only) or a 25 year material warranty on their proPEX system (piping and fittings). Such warranties are stated on Uponor’s website at www.uponor.com. There is no manufacturer warranty associated with copper systems or lavatory and water closet shutoffs.
  • Replumb Specialties Inc. hereby warrants for a period of two years from the date of [system installed], all labor associated with the installation of said material. This warranty does not cover any existing plumbing fixtures or other materials not originally installed as new by Replumb Specialties Inc. including water softeners, reverse osmosis units, lavatory faucets, tub or shower valves, outdoor spigots, washing machine valves, etc.
  • Freeze, infestation, neglect and or other contractual work / alteration shall void the labor and material portion of this warranty. Owner / tenant must insure that all reasonable precautions are taken to avoid freeze related damage to the new plumbing system. Failure to do so shall cancel all related warranties.
  • There is and shall be no other expressed or implied warranties including warranties of habitability. Nothing in this warranty or the scope of work is intended to limit any warranty on materials used in performing the work which may pass to the homeowner or homeowner’s agent or tenant.