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What To Expect

Hot & Cold Water
Including All Permits, Repiping, Drywall & Texture, Paint, & Tile Repairs.
Hot & Cold Water
Including All Permits, Repiping, Drywall & Texture, Paint, & Tile Repairs.
Heat Piping
Including All Permits, Repiping, Drywall & Texture, Paint, & Tile Repairs.

Work Areas During Workdays

Work Areas After Workdays

1.) Work Areas Are Protected

We kick off each repipe by implementing what we call “Containment” – in other words, work area protection. Furniture and other valuables are protected from job debris using a dust mitigation system.

2.) Drywall and Tile Openings Are Created

Our team creates drywall and tile access areas where needed. These openings are placed in order to be as minimally intrusive as possible.

3.) The New Water System Is Installed

The new water system is installed. Most of new systems are installed while the old water system remains intact, and running water will be swapped over to the new system when final connections are being made. This minimizes water shutoff time.

4.) Inspections Are Complete With The Local Building Department

The new plumbing system is inspected by the respective building department to ensure the system meets or exceeds any applicable building code.

5.) Drywall and Tile Openings Are Repaired

Drywall and tile repairs will begin immediately after approval from the building department. We match surrounding drywall texture and grout color. We use computer matched paint in our repairs for a seamless finish.

6.) Work / Traffic Areas Are Cleaned Daily

Our protective materials are cleaned up, and our team completes a final walkthrough with the client to ensure satisfaction.

“We found out we had Kitec after moving into a new home. It was disappointing, but having Jamey and his crew available made everything better. He will give you the best deal without compromising quality. I was living in the house while they did the replumb, and it was as comfortable as a replumb can be. They clean after themselves every night and are on time hard at work every morning. The job was completed quicker than expected, thanks to their diligence. By the end of the job, I could not even tell that the house had been replumbed; they match the color of your paint, they reposition tile, etc. I could not be more satisfied! With Jamey and his crew, you will be in the best hands.”

Fernando Castro-Alvarez

-“I Could Not Be More Satisfied”

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