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Our Turnkey Process
Including All Permits, Repipe, Drywall & Texture, Paint & Tile Repairs. Same friendly Professional Employee Crew From Start To Finish.
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Turnkey Repipes Since 1992

For 31+ years, Replumb Specialties Inc. has created comprehensive solutions for homeowners and management teams burdened with faulty water systems. We have repiped more than 28,000 occupied homes, condominiums, apartments, hotels, and hydronic heating systems with more than 12 million lineal feet of PEX A and He-PEX pipe installed – and counting.

From Permits, To Repipe, To Paint

Every part of every project is taken care of by our own employees. We eliminate subcontractors to provide unmatched quality control and a seamless end-to-end experience for our clientele. Since we control the whole process, we can ensure each step of the process is always a step in the right direction. From permits, to plumbing, to paint.

Complete Potable, Waste & Heat Repipes

Whether a single family home, or a high rise apartment building, we provide long term solutions for potable (consumable), waste, and radiant heating water systems. All workmanship completed by our team is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.
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End To End Pipe Replacement
One contract, one streamlined process.
    1. Permitting
    2. Work Area Protection
    3. Drywall & Tile Penetrations
    4. New Plumbing Installation
    5. Drywall & Tile Repairs
    6. Computer Matched Paint Repairs
    7. Completed Replumb With
      Lifetime Warranty
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Repiping All of Colorado

We’ve repiped occupied residencies across the US since 1992, specializing in the replacement of Potable, Waste, and Radiant Heating pipe systems.

Pipe Problems?

Learn why your water system is failing, and what you can do about it.

Polybutylene was popular in construction between 1978 and 1996. More than 10 million installations of Polybutylene pipe occurred throughout the United States. Installations include interior potable (consumable water) distribution, and hydronic heating. In 1995, the Cox vs Shell Class Action Polybutylene lawsuit was settled – with over $1 billion committed from Shell Oil Company.

There were more than 300,000 installations of Pex – Al – Pex piping between 1995 and 2007. The brass fittings that join the 3 layer piping contain high amounts of zinc, which breaks down when exposed to moisture and oxygen in a process called dezincification. Zinc oxide can cause voids to develop in the fitting and attached copper components, causing the pipe to leak and often burst. A settlement of over $120 million was approved after a class action lawsuit in 2011.

Copper is a conductive material, and it reacts with minerals and adverse alkalinity in our water. Galvanic corrosion – the corrosive process that occurs when copper comes in contact with a dissimilar metal – will rapidly increase such pitting thus decreasing the life of copper. Corrosion in copper pipes can cause low and uneven water pressure, discolored water, and bad tasting water; and can result in small pinhole leaks or even sudden bursts.

Galvanized pipe was manufactured and installed between 1880 and 1960, and is made of a steel tubing dipped in a coat of zinc. Iron oxide (rust) develops on the inner walls of the pipe, and contaminates the water it channels. Rust can cause low or uneven water pressure, discolored water, bad tasting water, and can stain porcelain in sinks, toilets, and showers. It is NOT healthy for consumption.

Hydronic Heating systems have commonly been installed using faulty piping systems – including Polybutylene, Kitec, Copper, Entran, and more. Our team has completed 2200+ successful Hydronic Heat pipe replacements to date. We install in-floor, staple-up, register based systems, & more.